Glimmer · 2012 · Super 8 · Live projections + Music Video


Dare Gale video is based on super 8 shootings made by Michal Jacaszek and Pedro Maia at Porto and results from the work in the dark room using analogue means of light manipulation of the celluloid and superposition film. The super 8 footage and its manipulation of the film is the starting point of a visual exploration resulting from the interplay of vibrant patterns and the effect of light on the objects.
The manipulation transforms the viewing of the the video into a subjective experience, “the eye of the beholder”, and the analogue manipulation leads to imperfections and unexpected results. It starts from the premise of conciliating sensations, uniqueness and unpredictability that begins as an organic entity which can be thus altered by new means.


Dare gale premiere at Pitchfork TV (12.01.2012) –


The premiere of this collaboration was at Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland) and a music video for his track “Dare Gale”. Also presented in Mutek Festival, Volt Festival and Unsound NY.

Jacaszek’s newest album “Glimmer” will be released on Ghostly International and this work combines electronic elements with harpsichord, bass clarinet and metalphone. The compositions recall baroque chamber music, yet the sound also reveals a connection with the likes of Ben Frost, Collen and Tim Hecker.


16/10/2011 · Unsound Festival · Tempel Synagogue, Krakow, Poland (video by ZFCL)

19/04/0212 · Mutek festival · Montreal, Canada

09/06/2011 · Volt festival · Uppsala, Sweeden

16/10/2011 · Unsound Festival · Tempel Synagogue, Krakow, Poland

27.10.2010 · Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto, Portugal