several durations · 5x 16mm loop · smoke machine · 2015
19-23.08.2015 – Atonal Festival, Berlin –


© Camille Blake / Berlin Atonal 2015


Wasteland refers to a place of ambiguity and indeterminacy between life and death in which narrative and temporal logic are suspended. Built from the waste material produced by an analogue film lab, this installation aims to re-materialize leftovers created by the film development process. This degraded film material contains within it the seeds of its own destruction. Degraded film being degraded.



Side by side with it’s own grave, in an autophagic process towards death. Living what could be the final moments of analogue/chemical film, it’s urgent to materialize it’s substantiation.



© Camille Blake / Berlin Atonal 2015

Wasteland waste


Video expert from the installation at Atonal Festival