35mm TRANSFERRED TO 2K  · 6′ · Portugal/Germany · 2021

An ode to time decay and the power of fire.
A study on disappearance and disintegration.

Following Maia’s line work, this new film is built from manipulated 35mm analogue film material, in this particular case with high resolution scans of old nitrate celluloid film from an unknown fire dating the 1940s.

This piece is a study on disappearance and disintegration.

These archives show a scene of a fire shot on highly flammable nitrate celluloid film. It was common for film to accidentally burn while projecting but paradoxically these archives have survived the fire they filmed and it is not the flames that have damaged the material, but the passage of time.

“Revisiting analog film, which he has been using in his visual manipulations, Pedro Maia also resorts to found footage in order to throw us into burning images. Shapes and figures dissolving within the film to show us something else: decomposing matter – that of cinema, as well as of bodies. Beings and images that run over each other in the attempt to escape or stop the relentlessness of time, setting fire to everything in their path. “Berlin Feuer” reminds us that memories are fragile, just like the media that projects them and keeps them moving. Interrupting the darkness, the flames spread, devouring buildings, from which they launch themselves into a hypnotic exploration that resembles the materialness of painting. Layers of colors that blend; warm, still alive; knowing they will soon be extinct. With a trajectory very close to (and part of) Curtas Vila do Conde, Pedro Maia has been presenting his work at the festival since 2007, including music videos, film concerts, as well as an exhibit at Solar Gallery.”  Raquel Moreira / Curtas Vila do Conde IFF 2021

Festivals Selection

2022 – CROSSROADS – San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco US
2022 – 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS)
2022 – Festival Henri Langlois, Paris France
2021 – Mire – Prisme 4, Nantes France
2021 – FISURA Festival de Cine, Mexico
2021 – Analogica 11, Bolzano Italy
2021 – Curto Circuito Internation Film Festival, Spain (Explora Competition)
2021 – 25 FPS Internation Film Festival, Zagreb Croatia (Competition)
2021 – Curtas Vila do Conde IFF, Portugal (Experimental Film Competition)

Interview – 20 Seconds Magazine – ISSUE 4