Serie of music videos directed for Studio RGB/XYZ ·

Artist: Heatsick / Title : “Snakes & Ladders”

Label : Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records / 2013

Directed by Pedro Maia
With Bráulio Bandeira and Seeta Narang
Art Direction/Production Studio RGB/XYZ
Thanks to Sabine Reimaier

Artist: Purple / Title : “The Club”

Label : WeDitIt / 2013

Directed by Pedro Maia
Photography by Rita Lino
With Stephanie Pfænder and Purple
Art Direction by Ufuk Inci
Art Assistant by Stella Kaas
Production Studio RGB/XYZ
Special thanks to Voo Store Berlin

Artist: Manta / Title : “ID”

Label : Paralaxe Editions / 2014

Directed Pedro Maia & Rita Lino
With Lara Desidéria
Production by Studio RGB/XYZ