2022-touring · LIVE A/V

In 2010, the mysterious and cult British musician and electronic music producer Holy Other, through his releases on the renowned Tri Angle Records, made his mark in the field of contemporary electronica. In his highly emotive and physical music, elements of garage, R&B and pop are revealed through misty electronica, stand the test of time as some of the most vital electronic records of the last decade. Last years album ‘Lieve’ marked the return of Holy Other after many years of silence. Recorded at the Bidston Observatory on the Wirral island in England, Lieve’s music speaks of letting go, coming to terms with the past and trying to live in the present through the acoustics of the observatory – a cavernous basement and geometrically perfect wooden dome. It also features NYX and saxophonist Daniel Thorne.

Lunchmeat Festival with NYX / DitaHavr

2023/05 Donau Festival – Krems, Austria
2022/11 Márgenes / La Casa Encendida – Madrid, Spain
2022/10 Lunchmeat Festival – Prague, Czech Republic
2022/09 WOS Festival – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2022/09 Sonica Festival – Ljubljana, Slovenia
2022/07 CosmoCaixa / Lapus –  Barcelona, Spain

WOS Festival / Leo López

Márgenes Festival at La Casa Encendida / Alba Vigaray