Collaboration with Raül Refree & Pedro Vian commissioned by Sonar Festival and presented at IDEAL Barcelona.

An immersive experience in which electronics, classical instrumentation and analogue images.
An immersive analogue room!

October 7th & 8th (4 shows) – Sonar Festival at IDEAL, Barcelona Spain


Second show in the series, Sónar at IDEAL presents two leading lights of experimental electronica and alternative pop, performing together for the first time in an AV show with visuals by Pedro Maia. The show, presented in association with We Are Europe, brings together the renowned artist and multi-instrumentalist Raül Refree with Modern Obscure Music’s Pedro Vian, performing within a visual environment designed for the space by Pedro Maia, a visual artist based in Berlin who has collaborated frequently with artists such as Vessel and The Bug’s Kevin Martin. During the show the audience will be treated to never before heard music, inspired by the flow of nature, the uncertainty of the future and the importance of the present. Collaborating around improvisations on prepared piano and positive organ, the show will be an immersive experience where electronica, classical instruments and digitally manipulated analog images will create a brand new, parallel world. Raül Refree & Pedro Vian feat. Pedro Maia A/V set.