2020-2019 · Live A/V · Digital

Shapednoise is Sicilian producer Nino Pedone who casts sheets of noise, industrial and hardcore continuum influences to create highly sculptured and colorful sound design and compositions. His unique style has shown its unquestionable versatility to the taste of illustrious colleagues like Aphex Twin. Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker with a specific interest in the material and physical qualities of the medium which lies hidden in the image and how they affect it, analyzing the beauty of its patina and how it fades away as its doubly temporal substrate, able to capture a time while also aging it as an object. Together they synthesize Aesthesis, the debut of a new live A/V performance in collaboration with the Brazilian artist and performer Aun Helden.


Filmed at Kraftwerk in Berlin, prior to the premiere of the debut Shapednoise live a/v show with Pedro Maia at Berlin Atonal 2019, the video features Brazilian performer Aun Helden. Aun describes their performance as “emerging in the denaturalization and destructuralization of human image perception, originating from the friction caused by the escape of the ‘human expectation’, letting the conditioning fail and giving birth to a new relationship between trauma and the stranger, creating new questions and crises about the supremacy of nature.”

Accompanying Shapednoise and Broadrick’s telluric noise sculptures, Maia interacts with Aun’s peculiar view of post-humanism, one that extends the body beyond its possibilities and finds beauty in mutation. A nightmarish and hallucinatory experience that follows the transformation of a hyperactive new life-form. A hallucinatory survey into the most radical possibilities of being.

Taken from the album “Aesthesis” Numbers 2019  – Directed by Pedro Maia with Aun
Thanks to Berlin Atonal, Kraftwerk Berlin, Aun Helden, Enrico Moscatelli & Hiroo Tanaka

A/V show premiere at Berlin Atonal 29.08.2019

Camera OKO Film Festival Ostrava Czech Republic 09/2019
Berlin Atonal DE 08/2019