2020-2019 · Live AV · 16mm transfered to digital

Drumming GP + Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes & Pedro Maia

From 16mm analogue manipulation, Pedro Maia approaches the film projections from a point of view of the border, the specific interest for the material and physical qualities of the medium, analysing the intrinsic beauty of its patina, capable of capturing time while also ageing as an object. From these premises, Pedro Maia seeks the relations of cinema as a language, comparing it with other modern languages, from the experimentation in modern painting to the expanded cinema and its relation with sound.



“Textures & Lines is the result of an invitation addressed to the piano and electronics duo comprising Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes by Drumming GP. Since its 2014 debut album, “Quest”, the duo Joana Gama & Luis Fernandes has been claiming its own sound and aesthetics, displayed in film works and several artistic collaborations. In this concert they join Drumming GP, an ensemble in residence at Teatro Campo Alegre in the scope of the Teatro em Campo Aberto programme, and an international reference when it comes to perform and premiere major classical, but also electronic music percussion repertoire. Based on collective experiments aiming at exploring the textures and ambiences typical of Gama and Fernandes’ music, Drumming GP also takes on the role of “composer” alongside the duo, thus creating a unique sound universe, which is enhanced by Pedro Maia’s visual textures.”



Drumming: Miquel Bernat, João Tiago Dias, João Miguel Braga Simões
Piano: Joana Gama
Eletrónica: Luís Fernandes
Live AV: Pedro Maia
Som: Suse Ribeiro


Som Riscado Festival, Loulé PT 11/2020
Culturgest, Lisbon PT 11/2020
Teatro Viriato, Viseu PT 05/2019
Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Porto PT 04/2019
··· more to follow

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