Super 8 transfered digital · 3:4 adapted to 4:3 · 12′ · 2010

Mary, the porno actress; Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, Mary, the mother of all Christians, the origin of Christianity or The Origin of the World.

Sustained in the subversion of perception, this film departs from a pornographic movie of the 70’s in which the lead actress is called “Mary”. Through the combination of the title with the sound and the abstraction resulting from images, this film suggests an inaccurate assessment of the objectivity of its content. Just like Gustav Courbet hided the identity of the model he used for his painting “L’Origine du monde”, this film used chemical and physical manipulation of the film on the dark room to omit the sexual act to attempt the abstraction of obvious images in order to challenge and question the standard relation between the spectator and the film and go beyond what is visible, audible and obvious.


– 56th Corona Cork Film Festival – ‘Free Radical’ section –  Cork, Ireland – 2011
– Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal 2011 – Montréal, Canada – 2011
– Market – Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara – Mexico – 2011
– Festival International Cinéma Méditerranéen – Montpellier, France – 2011
– FUSO.Anual de Video Arte Internacional 2011 – Lisbon, Portugal – 2011
– Physicality of the attraction –Crater Lab – Barcelona – 2015


LightCone · France ·
Portuguese Short Film Agency ·