2021-touring · LIVE A/V + ART-WORK + MUSIC VIDEO

Collaboration with Kevin Richard Martin (The Bug) on a series works for “Frequencies For Leaving Earth” releases.

Kevin Richard Martin is the mastermind behind well-known projects like The Bug, King Midas Sound, Techno Animal or Zonal. For a while now, he has been performing under his own name, and he has founded the digital label Intercrannial Recordings. Last year, in the middle of the lockdown, he moved from Berlin to Brussels, where he set up his new home studio – and where five extraordinary albums were created within a very short time: Frequencies for Leaving Earth Vol. 1 – 5. “It was an attempt to focus on my love of sound and frequencies, and to passionately nurture that love,” he told Self-Titled Mag about it. “I set up my new studio in a new city at a crazy time, and the studio became a monastic retreat – a place where I could get inspired and immerse myself.” 

To stay in the image of immersion: Indeed, when listening to these partly low-frequency, partly ambient floating sounds, one has the feeling of drifting a thousand metres below the surface of the sea, of finding oneself in droning, distant spheres, of feeling the slowly rolling waves of sound. At times it is as if the carefully staged walls of sound gradually close in around you: an extremely contemplative experience. The Portuguese filmmaker and visual artist Pedro Maia contributes to this experience with suction-like shimmering videos that draw our gaze into the depths of an unexplored space.

   Photos: Udo Diegfriedt & Carlos Juica at Silent Green in Berlin


Music video commissioned by Elevate Festival’s Lockdown Grooves Series

“End Times! taken from “Red Light” (Intercranial Recordings 2021)


2022 Silent Green, Berlin DE
2021 Alternativa Festival / HeartNoize, Prague CZ
2021 Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg DE

* show departed from my NEGATIVE SPACE installation presented at Berlin Atonal 2019 with original smoke box screen design by MFO.


Artwork for the 5 volumes releases on Intercrannial Records


FACT Magazine – Kevin Richard Martin and Pedro Maia collaborate on drone meditations for dark times


Frequencies for Leaving Earth Volumes One – Five see the artists pairing etherised jazz, pitch-black ambient, liquid drone and primordial bass explorations with transcendent analogue visuals.

Back in 2020 producer Kevin Richard Martin, best known for his work as The Bug and with Techno Animal and King Midas Sound, started a new record label, Intercranial Recordings. Responding in kind to extremely dark times with equally intense sounds, he inaugurated the new imprint with a volley of solo albums, Frequencies for Leaving Earth Volumes One to Five.

Moving from “smacked out jazz” and “massive low-end gravity”, through what Martin wryly refers to as his “gospel album”, to “celestial drones” and “cavernous dubspaces”, these five albums saw the producer plunging further into the sound worlds he has been exploring since the late ’80s.

Coming together with Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Maia, who has collaborated with Vessel, SHXCXCHCXSH and Shapednoise, Martin set these sonic explorations into deep space against transcendent analogue visuals. Using a combination of traditional analogue processing techniques and digital technology Maia presents four contemporary variations on 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s star gate, each catapulting us past earth’s orbit into the unknown.