LIVE FILM · 35′ · 2021

Producer and cellist Lucy Railton and filmmaker Pedro Maia collaborate on new work shaped by psychogeographic explorations of Azores, following a residency on the Portuguese islands in 2021 succeeded by a live cinema show.

The performance journeys through a dynamic sonic and visual work responding to the land, its peculiar nature and the seismic forces that govern life on the island. 

Railton responds to this unique place with melodic and gestural live cello performance, field recordings and modular synth transformations, reshaping found materials into highly textured, poetic and rapidly shifting spaces, inviting the listener to drift between physical and psychological states. 

While the image follows the idea of light and shadow, rotation and magnetism, and the passage of time. The visual work will guide the audience through the light on a journey from pitch darkness alternating with a dazzling brilliancy. In dialogue, the pair present a journey formed by numerous events captured on the island, aptly echoing the volatile nature of the Azores and it’s temporal shifts.

Lucy Railton: Cello, modular synth, field recordings
Pedro Maia: Live manipulated video, Lights

Commissioned by Walk&Talk Festival (Azores PT)
In co-production with Gnration (Braga PT) and Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisbon PT)

Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon PT 03/2022
GNRation, Braga PT 03/2022
Walk & Talk Festival, Azores PT 07/202 (photos Filipa Couto)