In the last years I have been presenting several visual collaborations with SHXCXCHCXSH

2022 · 16mm transfered to HD · Live A/V

Live at Kraftwerk Berlin – Tresor 31 Festival – 30.07.2022

2015-2017 · 16mm transfered to HD · Live A/V

Known for his exploration of analogue film, Maia will present the project, “Imperfect Film”, that pays tribute to celluloid film – the main raw material used by cinema during its first century of existence – offering an exploration of both its qualities and limitations. Based on images collected in 16mm films, damaged by the passage of time, the experience of cinema is brought back to its essentials: light and movement.
The duo Shxcxchcxsh has been widely praised and applauded by the specialized media (for instance, Resident Advisor and Pitchfork) due to its particular form of techno, generated from a sensitive and complex approach to this style of dance music, based on elements of noise, glitch, drone, broken beats and heavy industrial beats. The duo is now departing from its complete orientation towards the club scene, and in dialogue with Maia’s films, is now undertaking more atmospheric explorations. The duo will present improvisations with drones, ambient sounds and other yet unknown elements, which will emerge in the next album.



art-work for HSXCHCXCXHS “AÅÄ”



DAVE Festival Dresden DE – 25/10/2017
25FPS Festival Zagreb HR – 29/09/2017
Open Source Art Festival Sopot PL – 22/09/2017
Krake Festival (Lunchmeat Festival showcase) Berlin DE – 26.07.2017
Klankvorm #2 KINO Rotterdam NL – 15.06.2017
Saint Petersburg RU – 08.04.2017
Grenoble FR – 31.03.2017
Lunchmeat Festival Prague – 14.10.2016
OYÉ Factory St Denis FR – 18.06.2016
Festival Astropolis Brest FR – 02.07.2016
DNIT / Caixa Forum Barcelona SP – 27.05.2016
Constant Value Seoul KR – 02.04.2016
Bozar Brussels BE — 27.01.2016
Serralves Museum Porto PT – 20.11.2015
Unsound Festival Krakow PL – 17.10.2015