New short film and live cinema on the way. Co-directed with Paulo Furtado, collaboration with Iris Cayatte, field-recordings by Duarte Ferreira and soundtrack by The Legendary Tigerman. The film is part of the project CARTA BRANCA art residency, invited by Festival Aleste (Funchal, Madeira PT).

Guanche is a live cinema performance that brings together Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), actress Íris Cayatte and the filmmaker Pedro Maia. Portrays a journey that begins at the top of the mountain peaks of Madeira Island and ends in the Atlantic Ocean.
With live image manipulation and live edit by Pedro Maia, Guanche counts on the intervention of Íris Cayatte as a narrator of a parallel and complementary reality, and Paulo Furtado in the creation of a unique sound, resorting to the use of traditional instruments from Madeira, such as the Viola de Arame, that manipulates through modular synthesizers.
This film concert takes it’s name from the history of the Guanche people, originally from the Canaries Islands, a symbol of heroic resistance to the European occupation of the islands.

– Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, Madeira, Portugal, 2020
– Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, Portugal, 2020
– Cultura em Expansão, Porto, Portugal, 2020