This work refers to the progression, regression, and evolution of time. It alludes to the idea that while time moves forward, bringing change and advancements with it, it also moves backwards, erasing the potential for new experiences. Moving away from the physical manipulation of film material that is a foundation for his work, Pedro Maia transitions to using machine learning algorithms to create a “third analogue”, I.e a replica, of the past. This body of work, then, signifies a break with linear history: it explores a transition from seeing time as traces on decaying film to a passage of time provoked purely in the imagination, pushed forward by frontier technology.

The music is composed of temporal advances and retreats, repetitions and alterations that refer to memory, we never remember the past or project the future in the same way. The framing rectifies the music as the music rectifies the image, violins, abstracted voices, drones, melodies and extreme glitches that push analogue systems to the limit and question the boundary between the digital and the analogue, music created with digitized analogue processes, pushing the physical world to the limit once again.

Film by Pedro Maia
Music composed and arranged by Pedro Vian
Additional music instrumentation by Asia
Master by Rupert Clervaux

Commissioned by 25AV


2023 – Curto Circuito, Santiago Compostela Spain (Cosmo Competition) – Jury Special Mention
2022 – Curtas Vila do Conde IFF, Portugal (Experimental Film Competition)