Through their collaboration Klara Lewis and Nik Colk Void explore the outer edges of space occupied within their respective musical solo projects. Guitars, synths, euro rack modular systems, voice, sampling and outboard processing are presented uncompromisingly when Lewis and Void’s single approaches unite in a playful collage of sonic U-turns intertwining Pop and Noise bringing together their versions of tender techno and brutal ambient.

Presenting the project live, Lewis and Void are accompanied by the live visuals of Pedro Maia, following his 16mm analogue film manipulations as a point of departure, pushing the possibilities of materiality and form of the analogue and live medium. They have presented their work at international festivals and venues such as Semibreve Festival (Portugal), Dark MoFo (Tasmania), Ultima Festival at Henie Onstad Art Center (Oslo), L.E.V. Festival (Gijon), Conflux Festival (Rotterdam), Donau Festival (Austria) and Sonar Festival (Barcelona).

Photos: Adriano Ferreira Borges at Semibreve Festival 2021

2024/06 Pompidou Centre (Paris FR)
2024/06 Athens Epidaurus / Subset Festival (Athens GR)
2024/03 Hexagone (Grenoble FR)
2023/10 KONTEJNER 3.0 (Zagreb HR)
2023/09 Future Soundscapes – Silent Green (Berlin DE)
2023/06 Sonar Festival (Barcelona SP)
2023/05 Donau Festival (Krems Donau AUS)
2023/01 FIBER x The Rest Is Noise (Amsterdam NL)
2022/09 Ultima – Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (Henie Onstad, Oslo DK)
2022/06 Drak Mofo (Tasmania AUS)
2022/06 Conflux Festival (Rotterdam NL)
2022/04 LEV Festival (Gijon SP)
2021/10 Semibreve Festival (Braga PT)

Photos: Rémi Chauvinat at Dark Mofo Tasmania 2022

Photos: Nabeeh Saman at Ultima Festival 2022

  Photos: Elenadela Puente at LEV Festival 2022

   Photos: Pieter Kers at FIBER x The Rest Is Noise (Amsterdam NL) 2023