It would be unusual to expect that Klara Lewis and Nik Void didn’t meet on a stage. First, sharing lineups in gigs and festivals, then making music together. After a previous incarnation as a duo, which ended up not creating many showcase opportunities, the Semibreve Festival again brought them together in a residency in 2020 to take up their work, fine tune their mission and project their duo towards the future. The two musicians occupy a space of supreme cordiality where an immense respect for each other’s artistic creation reigns. On one side, Klara Lewis operates an ambientalism with industrial muscle, filled with luminous refractions and surprising electronic details. On the other side of the stage, Nik Void brings us adaptable and sinuous modular electronica, in a constant promise of rhythm. On the big screen, Pedro Maia, film director and visual artist, as the third vertice of the project, will deliver unto us the light we need to create the certain image for this concert. Semibreve Festival

Photos: Adriano Ferreira Borges at Semibreve Festival


2022 Drak Mofo (Tasmania AUS)
2022 Conflux Festival (Rotterdam NL)
2022 LEV Festival (Gijon SP)
2021 Semibreve Festival (Braga PT)
··· more to be announced



Photos: Elenadela Puente at LEV Festival