2022-2023 · Live AV

Frecuencias Ancestrales is an audio-visual collaboration between music producer /Beyond/ and filmmaker Pedro Maia exploring Mexico’s ancestral sounds and pre-Hispanic cultures. It features unique collaborations with indigenous Chichimeca Jonaz musicians, pre-Hispanic poet Nestor Vargas and instrumentalist Oscar Carillo, modular synthesist Leo Méndez and ancient Nahuatl mantras by Humberto Alvarez.

In 2017 I traveled for the first time to Mexico with Fran Mora and Teresa Espadafor to shot Frecuencias Ancestrales. Fully shot on Super 8 film, this project portrays a journey of ancient rituals and pre-Hispanic cultures. Music was released early 2022 on Eotrax and December 2022 the live AV show finally saw the light with a presentation in Madrid followed by a presentation in Coruña.

Pedro Maia – director and live visuals
/Beyond/- musical production
Teresa Espadafor – artistic director and photography
Edgar Paz – logistics


30/11/23 Ombra Festival, Barcelona ES
08/11/23 CCEMx, Mexico City MX
07/12/22 Fanzine Festival, Coruña ES
04/12/22 Replika Teatro, Madrid ES

B&W Photos: Teresa Espadafor