2020-2021 · Music Video + Live A/V · 16mm transfered to digital

Passion is a three movement work by Vessel for strings, voice and electronics, inspired by the writing of Clarise Lispector.

This film, by Pedro Maia, follows the path of a new life-form, a pilgrim on its journey to be free from the darkness. This experimental short film, translates Vessel’s composition into a visual journey between light and shadow, exploring the space between joy and pain, stability and instability and the idea of constant transformation. Is dissolution the way to redemption?

Music Credits – Producer, Electronics Seb Gainsborough  Co-producer, Violin & Viola Rakhi Singh Vocals, Text Declan Pleydell, Huw Thomas Vocals Alice Zawadzki Scream Olivia Chaney ‘cello Ashok Klouda, Sarah Macmahon Bass Christine Sticher Mixed & Mastered Heba Kadry Developed at Somerset House Studios Film Credits – Featuring  Erwin Werder & Tatiana Makrinova Film Pedro Maia Art Direction Phil Hoffmann Cinematography Masaya Kato Sculpture Sabrina Machado Casting ALTER / Jose Maria Tatiana Outfit HYDRA Film Lab LaborBerlin Film Scanning Korn Manufaktur Supported by Goete Institut