2013 · Super 8 · Music Video + Live A/V and tour video loop



Music written and recorded by Camella Lobo
Studio by Karl O’Connor
Video by Pedro Maia / Assisted by Rita Lino
With Camella Lobo and Rita Lino

Taken from the album RESTLESS IDYLLS
Released September 2013 © Blackest Ever Black

Video premiere at INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, 26.09.2013


“Plant Lilies At My Head” video directed by Pedro Maia was built from the material and light manipulation of super 8 film and based on shootings made by Camella Lobo and Pedro Maia, inspired by the cover artwork of Tropic of Cancer’s forthcoming LP, Restless Idylls (featuring art direction and photography by Silent Editions) released in Blackest Ever Black. Besides the music video the Tropic of Cancer 2013 EU shows will be joined by a long version of that visual work.

About Restless Idylls

“I do not ask for mercy, for understanding, for peace / And in these heavy days I do not ask for release / I do not ask that suffering shall cease.”

Restless Idylls is the debut album by Tropic of Cancer. The album consists of eight new recordings, written and performed by Camella Lobo in Los Angeles, with additional production from Karl O’Connor (Regis) in New York and London. It marks ToC’s return to BEB two years after the three-track EP The Sorrow Of Two Blooms, the label’s third release and one if its most cherished.

More info at – Blackest Ever Black


Tropic of Cancer LIVE A/V

Berghain / 24.09.2013

This is only pic I found online due Berghain restrictions to take pics and videos.